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The Prevalence of Cancer In California

More than 1.6 million California residents are living with a history of cancer, and 65% are living five years and beyond after a diagnosis. Despite these and other promising trends, nearly one out of every two Californians will develop cancer over their lifetime, and an estimated one in five will die of the disease.


California’s population of nearly 40 million people is one of the most ethnically diverse in the country. That diversity, combined with a large population living below the poverty line, pose challenges in ensuring that all residents have access to consistent, high-quality care. The UC Cancer Consortium views these and other barriers as an opportunity to advance clinical knowledge about all cancer types and stages, gain insights about disparities in access, improve health outcomes for all and advocate for patients at the local, state and national levels about access, quality, cost, and public health.


Learn more about cancer prevalence and trends in California through the charts and links below.



Cancer Incidence by Race/Ethnicity






















Cancer Incidence by Race/Ethnicity

California Cancer Outlook 




2016 Greater Bay Area Incidence of Invasive Cancers and Mortality by Cancer Site

From Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry 2019 Annual Cancer Incidence and Mortality Report

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